Current projects

Youth STEAM Learning by Making in Libraries and Museums. [IMLS Award Number RE-07-14-0048-14] (June 2014-May 2018).

PI:Dr. Kyungwon Koh

This project investigates how teens learn in informal learning spaces in libraries and museums, often referred to as Makerspaces and Learning Labs, and how professionals facilitate teens’ learning by making.


Learning in Libraries: Guiding Inquiry Making and Learning in School Libraries [IMLS Award Number LG-81-16-0151] (Dec 2016-Nov 2019)

Project Directors (PD): Kathryn Lewis (PD), Dr. Lee Nelson and Dr. Shirley Simmons (Co-PDs) from Norman Public Schools; Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Kyungwon Koh at OU SLIS & Co-PI: Dr. Xun Ge at OU College of Education.

This design-based research aims to design and test the viability of integrating the Maker learning into the K-12 curriculum. The project seeks to integrate a Maker approach to Guided Inquiry Design (GID), asking an overarching question “does a Maker mindset and approach add value to the GID process?”


Competencies for Makerspace Professionals

PIs: Drs. Kyungwon Koh and June Abbas

This research investigates skills and knowledge needed by professionals working in informal learning spaces in libraries and museum, often referred to as Makerspaces or Learning Labs. The project aims to generate implications for higher education and continuing education.


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